Vinticqeezy – Hauna Njaro



Its one of those times where I feature a Kenyan artist based overseas. I run across and net

work with various artists based overseas and Vintiqeezy ranks among the top 5 in my list. We have featured him on various collabo tracks on GetMziki but on this track “Hauna Njaro” he rides solo showcasing his extraordinary talent and skills.

I keep on telling foreign based artists that a time will reach where more than 50% of the music that will be be playing on African radio will be their music, since most of them get demoralized when their songs and videos don’t get airplay back home. So long as the music is good quality music, it definitely will be heard across the seas. I cannot predict when that is going to happen but it definitely will. Music goes in circles and all artists have to do is just keep on consistently writing and hitting the streets hard. A good example is Gucci Mane. Majority of the people are now bumping to his music now but he’s been on the grind for like 10 years doing what he does best by hitting the streets with good quality music and building that fan base, who are the people who are going to be buying your cds or coming to your shows. Another example is P-Square who are now on their 4th studio album, with their first debut album, titled “Last Nite” released in 2001 yet most people just know them from the “Game Face” album that was released in 2007.

Vintiqeezy is one of those artists who is slowly but surely building their fan base and feeding the streets with good quality music. He has the charisma, swagga and his lyrical skills are way out there. He is definitely on the correct musical path. On the street single “Hauna Njaro”, Vinti talks about the swagger in him and his fiends in a witty but still lyrical way. Check out this lines on the second verse

Yule boy hutema vitu kali be me,
Hakuna rapper noma kuniliko I see,
Napiga diva intro, anawika uuwiiii,
Na hata hanijui ashaniita boyfi,
Kati ya moja hadi ashu, shawty ni eleven,
Kabla Keishia awe Cole alikuwa sent from heaven,

Listen to the Track below

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