Zani Feat Levy Longomba – Mpelekela (*** GetMziki Exclusive)


Zani is an artist/singer, actress and model born in Uganda and currently based in HollyWood, California. The Ugandan-born singer is also the sister of Shanks Gumaras, formerly known as Shanks Vivie D, a pioneer in Ugandan music and often referred to as the Ugandan king of dance hall and hip hop.

Currently signed to Afro Merica Records which is owned by Lovy and Benji, Zani’s past hit songs include “Ndoowa”, “Sam Tonjiwanga”, “Kikambwe”, “Sembela” among others. She is currently in the studio working on her new album and I’m honestly waiting to see the overall direction they take with the album since most of the stuff I’m hearing is just great music.

The song “Mpelekela” which talks about a failing relationship was produced by Lovy Longomba and written by Zani. I’m really feeling this track right from the production to the song layout and lyrics. The vocal performance from both artists is just great which makes the track really shine well. I wanna know what people out there think of the song.

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