Mteja – Wahu, Juliani, Kanji, Wenyeji, Roba (GetMziki Exclusive ***)



Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I often try to stay apolitical (meaning I have no opinion, no interest, or no affiliation with any politics/party interests… I simply have an unbiased view or position about Kenyan politics). But sometimes its almost impossible to ignore the f%&ry that goes on in Kenyan politics. Kenya is just a political disaster – and the sad part is that nothing will happen or change in that country until the TAX payers realize that 90% of the people who vote in Kenya are NOT TAX PAYERS. Thats why those mofos go campaigning in Shagz and huko Narok … So essentially the people who know how to run the country the people in the main cities, the people who pay taxes, the people who are well educated, the people reading this blog right now – never really have a say in what goes down in the final analysis.

But many would argue that the people who have the power to change the country often sit around and wait for change – just like me. I am the 5% of the community that doesn’t believe in changing old habits… I mean c’mon guys have been in power for over 20years/ does Baks even have a mobile phone? If you sit and watch NTV on Youtube on an average weekend you will just be saddened – you just might enter my quadrant – the chaps who sit and wait for change 🙂 Anyway I hope people like LEDAMA OLEKINA will make that impact in 2012 (please check – Good luck to him – and anyone trying to make things change in Kenya…

Change is what inspired these group of artists to come together and make this song. And considering I am not really a fan of massive collabos (whenever there are more than 5 different people on a track its bound to be whack – unless its Michael Jackson’s we are the world :-)) Mteja, a collaborative effort between animatedly diverse artistes Wahu, Juliani, Roba (Kalamashaka), Lyn, Wenyeji ,Kanjii and ICJ seems to deliver a strong message. A message about the right to information as well as its importance to the youth.

This song was done with the conviction that we all have a right to know things like-how much of the CDF money is spent and how.

I hope the mission of this song meets the long term objectives… But like I have seen with such initiatives in Kenya – happen before in the past, this is just another track… and thats just my two cents, in my pessimistic opinions… you see thats why I stay humble and develop no opinions coz I can be a very opinionated person when it comes to leadership and governance. Nameless good work on the video by the way.. GOOD work..

“Mteja” – Kanjii, Juliani, Wahu, Wenyeji, Lyn and Roba (Kalamashaka)
Produced By Kanjii Mbugua & Aaron “Krucial” Rimbui
Mixed By Aaron “Krucial” Rimbui
Video Shot by David “Nameless” Mathenge for Alternative Concepts

listen to mteja here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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